Introducing our Production Team!

Meet the team who make everything happen behind the scenes! This army of dedicated volunteers do all the things you don’t even think about when watching a West End show. Directors, musicians, choreographers, hair, makeup, props, costume, sound, lights, front-of-house, sets, stage-management, photography, marketing, etc, etc. This is a BIG production, and we’ve got a BIG team who will be working hard to make the magic happen. A great big THANK YOU to every single one of them!

Producer – Ian Haig
Director – Esther Biddle
Musical Supervisor – Leigh Thompson
Choreographer – Ashley Nottingham
Costume Designer/Co-Producer – Sheara Abrahams
Set Designer – Toots Butcher
Lighting Designer – Simon Deacon
Hair & Makeup Designer – Lauren Appleby
Sound Engineer – Andrew Cotton
Company Manager – Damian Sandys
Production Manager – Dominic Whiffen
Stage Manager – Jo Hinton
Deputy Stage Manager – Ryan Quelch
Videographer – Ben Scriven
Marketing & Publicity Director – Barry O’Donovan

Directing Team
Associate Director – Alex Sutton
Assistant Director – Max Reynolds
Assistant Director – Stephen Whitson
Assistant Director – Jules Tipton
Assistant Director – Tim Frost

Musical Team
Associate Musical Director – Sean Green
Assistant Musical Director – Simon Lambert
Assistant Musical Director – Chris Peake
Assistant Musical Director – Gavin Whitworth
Assistant Musical Director – Huw Evans
Vocal Consultant – Pippa Duffy
Rehearsal/Audition Pianist – Magnus Gilljam
Rehearsal/Audition Pianist – Charlie Ingles
Rehearsal Pianist – Jenny Miles
Audition Pianist – Alex Bellamy
Audition Pianist – Erika Gundesen
Audition Pianist – Leo Nicholson
Audition Pianist – Oli Rew

Choreography Team
Assistant Choreographer & Marketing Exec – Cameron Ball
Assistant Choreographer – Fleur Mellor
Assistant Choreographer – Nicola Martin
Assistant Choreographer – Michael Gilburt
Assistant Choreographer – Rosie Williams
Assistant Choreographer – Brett Nelson
Assistant Choreographer – Georgina Lawlor

Costume Team
Costume Supervisor – Anna Cavaliere
Costume Assistant – Stephen Frosdick
Costume Assistant – Hannelore Cauwenbergh
Costume Assistant – Dani Raytchev
Costume Assistant – Gianluca Gasparini
Costume Assistant – Sophie Howard

Hair and Make-up Team
Wig supervisor – Sam Cox
Hair & Makeup Deputy – Nikki Bird
Hair & Makeup Assistant – Charli Smith
Hair & Makeup Assistant – Ash Fenners
Hair & Makeup Assistant – Victoria Martin
Makeup Assistant – Daniele Arbisi

Company Management Team
Assistant company manager – Bethany Breakspere
Assistant company manager – Kirsty Pitts
Assistant company manager – Emily Reynolds
Assistant company manager – Becky Smith
Assistant company manager – Daniel Thomson

Stage Management Team
Assistant Stage Manager – Zara Schafer
Assistant Stage Manager – Tafara Takavarasha
Assistant Stage Manager – Ross Jardine
Assistant Stage Manager – Amber Waller
Assistant Stage Manager – Izzy Brain
Assistant Stage Manager – Rachel Brown
Assistant Stage Manager – Christopher Irving
Assistant Stage Manager – Sally Reeve
Assistant Stage Manager – Dominique Pierre-Louis
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Caselton-Smith
Assistant Stage Manager – Sam Griesser
Assistant Stage Manager – Abi Cook
Assistant Stage Manager – Giles Burden

Assistant Sound Engineer – Mat Peterfi
Assistant Set Designer/Set Builder – Mike Leopold
Assistant Set Builder – Nick Mead

Marketing & Publicity Team
Marketing Executive – Lorraine Martin
Marketing Executive – Marika Visser
Poster & T-shirt Design – Joe Roukin
Programme Designer – Laurence Beck
Website Designer – Simon Wilkes

Photographer – Cameron Slater
Photographer – Darren Bell

Front of House/Party Manager – Shelley Eadie
Front of House – Matilda Cobham
Production Assistant – Richard Maxted
Production Assistant – Amy Abrahams
Production Assistant – Rachel Jarmy
Production Assistant – Kathryn Feehan
First Aid and Production Assistant – Liz Jarmy

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